Discover our limited-edition

Australian Made collection.

Introducing Hard Yakka’s Australian Made range.

This limited-edition collection has been designed, cut and sewn in Melbourne, the birthplace of the Hard Yakka brand.

Working with local manufacturers we are proud to support businesses that employ Australian families and are aligned with

Hard Yakka’s values of sustainability and ethical production.

Made by Aussie legends for Aussie legends.


"The importance of an Australian made product is its integrity, craftsmanship, the people behind it and their stories."

Our Australian Made range of Aussie Legends Tees and Hoodies has been created using local supply chains and that starts with fabric manufactured in Melbourne. Each item is knitted, dyed and sewn in Melbourne in a facility that has minimal environmental impact, promotes responsible farming and cleaner manufacturing.

Each factory we work with has been carefully chosen for their attention to quality, workmanship and their commitment to social impact. The importance of an Australian made product is its integrity, the craftsmanship, but most importantly the people behind it and their stories. With a wide range of multicultural staff, the factories represent modern Australia and the hard-working Aussies behind it.